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2005, Year One Dancer & Daedee: The Eagle Nest Coffee Bar & Cafe, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

2005, Year One Dancer & Daedee: The Eagle Nest Coffee Bar & Cafe, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary




 Not Released. This research project and documentary is still in progress and rather than bring the same fate to our eagles as what's been delivered to me, I won't be releasing this until a future date.

Though I'm harassed, continually, while recording my findings. In short: having letters cut off my truck, Just the O  cut into a "U" and the I; someone entering my truck turning on all the lights trying so my truck battery would be dead in a remote area?  I guess the three lug nuts all fell off together, the license plate stolen, razor blades in my tire -- but that isn't suspicious, nope. That makes me paranoid. Spikes put on my trail so they punctured my boots and went into my feet. Field cameras stolen out of a cave, tampered with, images deleted, THEN, four yeas later "someone" finds another camera (the previous fall)  . . . and calls my number. That number WAS NOT included in the camera and no one would know it was me. How would they know that number, was it by chance? My trucks were tampered with, bullet shells set out as 'threats' at my stops, gun shots going off around me in no-hunting areas and off-season, men lurking around my truck at dusk: all while law enforcement looked and looks the other way to poachers, thieves, suspicious activity... I will continue my research on this project, which remains in progress.

I believe Jesus sees all of this and He will bring this to your attention. The right law enforcement will find this. FBI wildlife crimes: Maybe you would like to spend a day with me, I could show you things the county can't see. Like the burned out tree with the dead song birds and the basket ball hoop attached in the back sloughs. I don't think Sam Gribley lived there. One of your Federal Agents warned me about the poachers setting a trap up for me and too be careful. Another, a profiler told me more, and your ex-FBI swat told me to go read War & Peace, they are trying to tell me they are in my camp. And more, but who cares right?

Maybe you should have asked, then, why the dead eaglet was not collected and sent to you. Maybe someone should have investigated to find out who jumped from a nearby tree.I did. I was told it was a turkey hunter and the eaglet, well, he was "green". I have spent 13 years looking for answers because I promised that dead eaglet I would. Where were you? Those eagles needed you. The dead wolves needed you. The poached animals needed you. Animals don't skin themselves, and pile themselves in plastic bags with kids toys and household items, and don't throw themselves over a ravine. Of course, that was only one location. The pigs feet attracted the black bear. There were witnesses who also wondered who shot Hapless Harry, the Muscovy Duck, another of my documentaries. I found his body tossed in the grasses, maybe by whoever shot him? Unless, like the deer, he while he was dead -- somehow threw himself into the grasses? That isn't possible, in case, like the other officers who looked the other way you don't understand.These are wildlife crimes. It doesn't make me wrong to investigate what is told to me, what I see. Do you really think I'm the only one with these concerns? 

I have learned a lot of hunters don't even use guns to hunt. That's what is the easy answer. They are always "just hunters". WRONG. Hunters bring guns when turkey hunting, coyote hunting, etc. It's always good to know the law enforcement I hired to help me, stole my flash card with my family photos and documentary on it. Shame on you Canada and UK police. Sure there is an active police report for the theft, but it doesn't stop others by being taken advantage of these two men. Shame on the Colorado person for blackmailing me to. Shame on you.


2005, Year One Dancer & Daedee: The Eagle Nest Coffee Bar & Cafe, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

Written and Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

"May there always be room for each season's eaglets to spread their wings; both in the sky and in our hearts." ––Lisa Loucks Christenson

A poignant, true story about the struggle for survival, the bond between lifetime mates, and the parents devotion to raising their young. Heavily illustrated, this daily journal of an author-photographer covering an outdoor beat, is both a documentary and an inspirational journey.


ELBA -- In the next few years, you'll be able to sit in your recliner, sip a cup of coffee, and enjoy crisp, startling images of bald eagles raising their young, mosquitoes feeding on the blood of a frog and wildflowers in the heart of the Whitewater Valley. Savor them, enjoy the work of Lisa Loucks Christenson of Rochester. But know that she went through more than a year of mud and mosquitoes, cold and fog, snow and heat to get them. You should also know that she loved it, enjoyed the daily trip to the valley in snowstorm and fog, relished slithering through muck to sneak up on a frog, and waiting for hours to get a shot of an eagle. She has fallen in love with the area around the former town of Beaver in the heart of the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area, the largest block of public land in southern Minnesota. To get the images, she has gone to the same two marshes near Beaver for more than a year. It's a form of time-lapse photography, only she shoots the same tree (and on the same trip, the same cornfield and barn) and other details daily, along with anything else that catches her eye. In the past two years, Christenson has also followed two eagles as they raise their young. To do all of it has required several digital cameras and a lot of clothing. Last week, she wore faded camouflage pants and shirt, and her hair was wrapped in a red bandana. It's not fashionable, but when you're slopping through a marsh and plowing through nettles taller than you are, fashion fades, and reality rules. She gladly wears that gear in summer, and dresses for minus-30 ("I literally felt like a walking marshmallow") in winter to get pictures for two books on eagles and a third book on a year in the life of two marshes. The one eagle book is due out in October, while the marsh book is due in April 2007, she said. The second eagle book will come out later. . . . --Post-Bulletin / June 12, 2006 / Credit: John Weiss Post-Bulletin Outdoor Writer

By Meghan Sparks Life in the nest Posted: May 19, 2008 10:35 PM Life in the nest Whitewater Valley, MN (KTTC-TV) -- It's another day on Lisa Christenson's journey. A journey she captures through the lens of her camera. Nature photographer Lisa Christenson started down this path four years ago. She was studying the sandhill cranes in the Whitewater Valley, but the small white heads of the bald eagle caught her attention. Lisa Christenson says, "I heard that faint cry of an eaglet ... 

"If ever there was an Eagle Lady, her name is Lisa." ––Ron Schara, Host of Minnesota Bound